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Kenneth White & Associates LLC is  a company that offers fast recovery on recievables that are owed to you.  We are licensed and bonded and are compliant with all state and federal laws. We specialize in all areas of debt collection such as credit cards, bank loans, commercial accounts, medical and payday loans. We are a company that will meet the expectations of the industry, our clients and the consumers.

Kenneth White & Associates LLC has been in business for over 32 years.  We utilize the latest in debt collection maintenance, providing you reduced time spent on past due accounts. We will mediate between you and your debtors in a prompt and professional manner.  Our reputation for recovering debt, at a very high rate, has allowed our business clients to meet their collection goals worry-free.  We are dedicated to helping you, the business owner, tailor solutions to unresolved, uncollected past due accounts. Contact Kenneth White & Associates LLC, so that  you can begin running your business with ease of mind. 

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